Contact information

All our stakeholders can now contact us through mail and our email address is as follows:

Besides that any other queries can be made by calling us through the mobile numbers given in the contact page.



Product details will be soon updated

Products page in our website will be soon available with the product details of all the products in our outlets in Bangalore.And this will help all our customers to gain details about our products and to make decisions.but due to the limitation of change in price.live selling price details will not be available.


Live offer updates

This website will now provide all our customers with live offer updates of all the offers available in all our stores at Bangalore.And thus our customers can be aware of it.And any doubts regarding the offers can be cleared by contacting us.Thus We recommend all our customers to keep in touch with this website to know about the offers.


Online order booking service available

We whole-heartedly inform you that our online order booking service is ready for use.and now you can start ordering online.But currently is meant for our current customers in Bangalore who are familiar with our order processing system.And it will be later extent to cover all over Bangalore.Please read the policies and instructions for more informations on it.