Online Order Confirmation


Terms ,Conditions and instructions



                                      Our existing customers can directly proceed to the next page and fill in the details to order and thus the order confirmation call will be made after that.



  1. Click on proceed button to go to the ordering form page
  2. Provide your name and other informations especially mobile number accurately and precisely.
  3. Provide your address where deliver has to be made and also your email address
  4. Enter product information such as product name along with brand , its MRP(in rupees) or its net content (in kg) along with the quality required.
  5. Click submit
  6. You will get confirmation message as well as a call on which you can edit or confirm you order.


Terms and Conditions

*This service is basically meant for our current customers in Bangalore who are familiar with our system of order processing and delivery.

*And this option is a substitute for the telephone order boing option and thus  the delivery and other processes will be the same.

*An order confirmation call will be made to you after order submission.

*Any editing and enquiries can be done then during the call and also can be done by calling our customer care executive through the numbers given below.

*And your provided mobile number will be taken as the reference number of your order.

*The exact price is not provided because it is vulnerable to change every time, but the price will be less than the MRP.